Carbonomix stocks
are made and tested
in the Slovenian Alps.

The first gunstock was designed and made with alpine-hunting in mind. In the rough terrain where low weight, rigid structure, perfect ergonomics are of the essence we focused also on creating a truly timeless design.

Building on over a decade of experience working with carbon fibres and finishing compounds make our gunstocks stand out with extreme low weight, great performance and outstanding appearance.

We honour our tradition by producing gunstocks that are designed for hunting but nevertheless perform equally well on the shooting-ground.


The need for a light weapon system with superb accuracy leads us to develop platforms that are resilient enough to withstand the most demanding conditions on any hunt, and timelessly designed to fit the look of a modern hunter.


We owe it all to nature. Hunting is our way of life, and hunting is not possible without pristine nature. That is why we incorporate the most modern technologies, with the least amount of waste possible.

Give it back

Our goal is to devote part of our funds and our time to nature preservation programs, that are directly linked to the preservation of the habitats and endangered species. Pristine alpine environment made us who we are!